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Sundried Tomato & Thyme Grissini Breadsticks

Oh, snap! These bread sticks… where to begin? Eat on their own -savory and satisfying. But, pair with you charcuterie board: what a unique twist. Personally, I’m a savory dessert kind of gal – I pair these with an after dinner cheese plate.

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Black Bean, Garbanzo and Mushroom Burgers

While I am not a vegetarian, I do lean heavily into a vegetable forward lifestyle simply by nature of being a gardener. When it come to vegetarian or plant based meals, I don’t like to make exact dupes for animal products. I think that vegetables can and deserve to stand on their own. This recipe…

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Introducing Carmen in the Garden x Neighborhood Winery

I am so excited to introduce the Carmen in the Garden X Neighborhood Winery collaboration, “My Fruit Trees.” All About “My Fruit Trees” “My Fruit Trees” is a red wine made from an eclectic mix of red and white wine grapes. This wine celebrates the joy of growing your own fruit. I set out to…

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