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12 Herbs to Grow in Containers

A garden is not complete without herbs. In fact, I think that any beginning gardener should begin with herbs. Right after I graduated college, I lived in a small apartment with a small balcony. On the balcony, I grew rosemary in a small container. That rosemary plant followed me to my next apartment, and the…

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Indoor Seed Starting Set Up

Indoor seed starting can be intimidating… but it really doesn’t need to be.  When I first started getting really serious about gardening I watched tons of YouTube videos about intricate, expensive seed starting systems.  I’ve tried a lot of different seed starting products and a lot of them are really bad.  There is truly nothing…

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What to Plant Now: January in Southern California Zone 10b

January is hands down the busiest month of gardening if you live in Southern California. Not only are you juggling your regular garden maintenance, but you are rapidly starting amazing new varieties for spring and summer. While exciting, January can be an exhausting month for the Southern California gardener. My advice? Batch out your seed…

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Growing Sweet Peas for Beginners: From Seed to Bloom

To grow sweet peas from seed: first soak your seeds for 24 hours prior to planting. Plant seeds 1/2 inch deep, 4 to 6 inches apart. Use a trellis to support your sweet peas. Once your plants are 6 inches tall, pinch them back about an inch to encourage them to grow fuller and more…

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What to Plant in Your Garden: December Southern California (zone 10b)

What to Plant in Your Garden: December Southern California (zone 10b). * THIS GUIDE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS* Tools and Supplies You’ll Need Root Zone Fertilizer I use rootzone fertilizer for everything I transplant. It gives your transplants the extra boost they need. It includes beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae. Dr. Earth’s Root Zone Fertilizer…

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